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Forensic Science Is more than just CSI

A non-exhaustive list of Forensics links

Videos: Serious and not-so-much

The Real Science of Forensics

Sesame Street’s CSI: Rhyme in the Streets

Understanding Forensic Toxicology

CSI Miami: Horatio’s sunglasses

What is Forensic Accounting?

CSI Parodies


Forensic Science
Blogs about Forensics and CSI

Events and conferences

Forensic Science Week –Aug 7-13, 2016
“forensic conferences” “2016”


American Academy of Forensic Science: Types of forensic Scientists


American Academy of Forensic Sciences
Association of Women in Forensic Science
Women in eDiscovery


Summer Camps
Council of Forensic Science Educators
Education: Forensic Science Schools by State

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