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NASA Ames Eyes To the Sky

Ken Cullings is a feet-on-the-ground space scientist.

N.Ken Cullings


Cullings is a Research Scientist in the Exobiology branch of NASA Ames Research Center. He says, “I work on evolutionary ecology in forest and hot springs ecosystems.  Specifically I ask questions about what microbes are in the system doing the work, how they got there, and how they evolved.”

The Exobiolgy branch conducts interdisciplinary basic research in exobiology to understand pre-biotic chemistry, and the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the Universe.

The PhD in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley was unprepared for one big thing on his career path. He says, “Even though science is about discovery, I’ve been surprised by how fixed scientists can be in their thinking.”

Culling, a surfer, a Ready biker, and fly fisherman is a descendant of a member of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana.


App(s): International navigation maps

Book, graphic novel, anime, or web series: X-Men

Social media: Facebook

Movie:  Just saw the remake of The Jungle Book and loved it.

Musical artist: Watch Bernard Allison rock the blues.

Web site(s): Surfline, for global surf reports.

Dream job: Anything that’s pure research

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