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Environmental Specialists You Missed on Earth Day

Anthony Rogers-Wright has been a green activist since he was 13.

Anthony_Rogers-Wright 1

Anthony Rogers-Wright

Rogers-Wright has a broad portfolio at Environmental Action (EA).  The group’s Policy and Organizing Director analyzes and develops the environmental policy of, and for, lawmakers, and mobilizes activists to resist racial, ethnic, economic, and gender/gender identity injustice.

But, he is still amazed by the lack of diversity in the mainstream environmental movement. Equally amazing, he says, “is that Big Green still seems to have an obstinate resistance to greater inclusion and sharing of economic resources.”

Boston-based Environmental Action was founded in 1970 on the first Earth Day, “with a mission to protect the planet and all of us who live on it.”

Rogers-Wright received both his MS degree in Community Development, Environmental Science and a BS degree in Environmental Science from Clark University

Follow Rogers-Wright @ARdubbs108, watch him speak about the environment.

The most surprising non-geek thing about Rogers-Wright is that he is a well-known electric bass player who loves greasy, dripping funk.


Apps: Breath. It reminds me to meditate daily and keep my breath.

Book, graphic novel, online anime or web series: “I am really digging The Rules of Victory: How to Transform Chaos and Conflict – The Art of War by James Gimian and Barry Boyce.”

Podcasts: “Anything by Dan Savage: Savage Lovecast, he’s so righteous and hilarious.”

Movie: The Force Awakens. I am a Star Wars junkie.

Musical artist of the moment: Kendrick Lamar’s muse, bass player Thundercat. Watch him on Them Changes.

Web sites: ESPN.com, Kunstler.com: James Kunstler is the author of The Geography of Nowhere, a history of American suburbia and urban development, NewYorkYankees.com (especially when they are playing well), Grist.org for Environmental News, Commentary, Advice.

Dream job: “Fighting for justice, increasing outreach to activists from frontline communities of color, which includes Native Americans, and mobilizing people to abolish climate change related oppression — you could say that I am currently working my dream job.”

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