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Environmental Specialists You Missed on Earth Day

Sudha Nandagopal says she is an environmental justice advocate.

Sudha Nandagopal


On Earth Day 2015, Nandagopal became the Program Manager of Seattle’s Equity and Environment Initiative (EEI) in the Office of Sustainability and Environment.

She was an obvious choice to lead the city partnership with the community, municipal departments, and private foundations committed to race and social justice in environmental work.

One year later on Earth Day, Seattle.gov announced Nandagopal’s new agenda. It includes community-developed goals and strategies to “address environmental inequities and create opportunities for communities of color, refugees, people with low incomes and limited-English proficiency individuals to be leaders in Seattle’s environmental movement.”

The Cornell grad’s green, economic, and social justice stripes were apparent in her prior positions. She worked for the Seattle Public Utilities’ Environmental Justice Service Equity Division, the Service Employees International Union, Washington (State) Conservation Voters, and Green Corps.

Nandagopal earned her BA in Environment and Public Policy at Cornell University

Read Nandagopal’s comments as Seattle’s Environmental Justice Manager about How Black Lives Matter Is Changing Environmentalism, on TheStranger.com.

In 2013, Nandagopal received a Sustainable Path Foundation Pass-It-Forward Award. Watch her speak about equitable environmental action.

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