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Andela, Software Trainer in Africa, is Diverse, but…

Andela, Software Trainer in Africa, is Diverse, But…



Andela, the Lagos, Nigeria-based company has a marvelous plan. It selects the top 1% of tech talent from Africa: the largest pool of untapped ability. Then trains the men and women, for free and in their home countries, as software developers and deploys them continent wide.

Investors love the idea. The Facebook-funded Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has led a $24 million funding round, and GV, once known as Google Ventures, has also invested. Andela, has backing from the founders of eBay, and AOL, and opened offices in the U.S. and Africa.

The company that it has job openings and is hiring. Plus, it urges candidates to apply for fellowships in Kenya and in Nigeria.

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STEMRules, however, wondered how racially, ethnically, and STEM experience-wise is Andela’s senior leadership. We found it looks good actually. Most officers have experience in African development projects that enhance self-sufficiency rather than build dependency.

But there is is a glaring omission that must be addressed:

There are no African women, in STEM or otherwise, among Andela’s top shot callers.

FYI to Andela, TheRoot.com published a gallery of Black Women Who Are Leading Africa’s Digital Revolution. You can start your search right there.

Andela.com is the source of the following information, edited for space, and the photos.

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