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Civil, and Geotechnical Engineers, That Dig Their Work

Julia P. Clarke helps keep roads in the Lone Star State safe.

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Julia Clarke

Clarke’s current position as a Senior Project Professional, at Fugro Consultants, Inc., involves providing engineering recommendations, as a Lead Geotechnical Project Engineer, for the highway improvement projects and programs in the great state of Texas.

The Professional Engineer says she was surprised, pleasantly, that her being an engineer has become “such a positive role model for young girls and encourages them to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics for future careers.”

Her geeky trait is watching educational and information programs on Saturday mornings. The Jamaican American gets non-geeky at Jamaican Reggae festivals.

Fugro is a premier integrator of geotechnical, survey, subsea and geosciences services globally.

Clarke earned her MS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and her BS in Civil Engineering at the University of South Florida.


App: Weight Watchers.

Book: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Podcast: Skirt Strategies.

Movie recent or past: Cool Runnings, Sabrina, The Mirror has Two Faces, Scarface.

Song: Here is an acoustic version of Redemption Song by Bob Marley.

Dream job: Being a cosmetologist (hair stylist) like my mother and owning a salon.

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