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Light Weights Can Pump You Up

Heavy Weights. Scheamevy Weights. Go Light.


Left to right: McMaster University researchers Rob Morton, Sara Oikawa and Stuart Phillips Photo by JD Howell

ScienceDaily.com reports on how researchers at McMaster University are upending the gym rat wisdom that lifting heavy weight is the best way to gain muscle and build strength.

[Watch: Light Weights are Better for Getting Stronger]

Scientists in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada university’s Department of Kinesiology have published the latest in a series of papers that contradict “the decades-old message that the best way to build muscle is to lift heavy weights.”


Sara Oikawa

One of the paper’s co-authors is PhD student, Sara Oikawa. Her specialties are the role of exercise and nutrition in the attainment and maintenance of lean muscle mass, and exercise physiology.

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