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The STEMRules List of Top Historically-Black Engineering Programs

JSU CSET building

Jackson State University College of Science, Engineering and Technology

The STEMRules.com gallery of the nation’s 14 ABET-accredited Historically-Black College and University (HBCU) engineering programs spotlights their breadth of programs and departments, and excellence.

The American Institutes for Research  states that the HBCU success in producing black STEM PhD recipients—regardless of from where they get that degree–is how HBCUs “focus on student supports and their ability to better foster academic and social integration in science and engineering among blacks” than at Predominantly-White Institutions.

A National Science Foundation (NSF) report stated that “In 2011, 24% of black Science and Engineering doctorate recipients received their bachelor’s degree from HBCUs.”

The NSF also said that, “10 of top 11 baccalaureate-origin institutions of black Science and Engineering doctorate recipients from 2002–11 are HBCUs.”

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