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When Your Knees May Say Moo

Your Knees May Say Moo


Jonathan Juursema

Science Daily reports that a team of Penn State University trained engineers have substituted “strands of cow cartilage substitute for ink in a 3-D bioprinting process that may one day create cartilage patches for worn out joints, according to engineers.“


Iris Rivero, Iowa State University

Iris Rivero is one of the Penn State team members. She is Associate Professor and Associate Chair, and Director of Graduate Education in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Iowa State University.

She received her BS, MS, and PhD in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

In 2012, Rivero was awarded the Hispanic Association of Women (Lubbock, Texas) Woman of the Year Award.

Journal Reference:

Yin Yu, Kazim K. Moncal, Jianqiang Li, Weijie Peng, Iris Rivero, James A. Martin, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat. Three-dimensional bioprinting using self-assembling scalable scaffold-free “tissue strands” as a new bioink. Scientific Reports, 2016; 6: 28714 DOI: 10.1038/srep28714


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