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Top Hispanic IT Leaders Meet in DC Area

The Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC) in DC 


From August 3 -5, HITEC, the premier organization for Hispanics in the Information Technology sector is gathered at Capital One headquarters in McLean, Virginia. Capital One is the host of the event.

[Watch HITEC (Hispanic IT Executive Council) video]

HITEC is led by Chairman Alberto Yépez, a Managing Director of Trident Capital, President Andre Arbelaez, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer for Softtek USA, and Vice President Myrna Soto, SVP & CIISO (Chief Infrastructure and Information Security Officer) at Comcast.

HITEC Components:

HITEC programs:

The HITEC 100: To view a PDF of the list scroll down on linked page.

  • The most influential and notable Hispanic Professionals in the Information Technology Industry

The HITEC 50 –Latin America: To view a PDF of the list scroll down on linked page.

  • Recognizing talented individuals and highlighting their achievements.
  • Fostering business and professional growth for our members.
  • Building and developing strategic business relationships that will encourage growth within the industry globally.
  • Go here to see photos from the 2016 Americas IT Summit And HITEC 50 Luncheon

The HITEC Emerging Executive Program:

The Emerging Executive Program (EEP) develops emerging Hispanic IT leaders with the highest potential and desire to become the next generation of Hispanic IT Executive leaders.


HITEC Upcoming Events:

October 26-28, 2016

Silicon Valley Leadership Summit & HITED 100 Awards Gala Benefiting the HITEC Foundation. Hosted by Salesforce.

Join HITEC: New Member Application

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