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Hispanic-Serving University Gets Computer Science Grant

To Better Prepare More Computer Science Professionals



Earlier this month, the National Science Foundation awarded, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), $1.9 million to prepare more computer science professionals over the next five years.

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UTEP says that the money will be used to re-imagine “what it means to learn, whose knowledge counts, and what counts as knowledge in the context of computer science. “

Faculty members will serve as change agents to foster positive student identity “early in the curriculum to impact students’ trajectories in computer science and beyond.”

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In 2012, President Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) stated that “uninspiring” introductory courses and atmosphere from faculty as major factors contributing to attrition of STEM students.”


Ann Gates

Dr. Ann Q. Gates is the Chair of the UTEP Computer Science department and the Associate VP of Research in the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.

Gates also leads the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI). It was created in 2004 to increase the number of Hispanic students that enter  and earn Bachelor of Science and advanced degrees in the computer and information sciences and computer engineering, and cyber security.

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CAHSI’s graduation rates surpass consistently national graduation CS rates. The nonprofit says that in 2013, the CAHSI graduation rate of women undergraduates spiked by 19 percent.

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