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Puerto Rican Techs Head Home

Puerto Rican Techs Return to Build

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José Lebrón and Sheilla Torres, co-founders, Sunne Cleantech Lab. Credit: Ana María Abruña

PRI reports that “Young Puerto Ricans bucking the flow: Heading home to rebuild their island.”

They are also creating shared businesses, workspaces, accelerators, connections to Latin American markets, and opportunities for others in the engineering and technology sectors.

Engineers José Lebrón and Sheilla Torres are Puerto Rican engineers who left aerospace jobs on the mainland to start a solar water heater business on their home island.

Torres told PRI, “here on the island, there’s not a lot of jobs in terms of product development. And what we want to do is offer all of those very good, talented engineers an option to stay on the island and learn what they would learn if they go to the States.”

All photo credit goes to Ana María Abruña

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